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Commercial Building

Commercial Construction is a staple of HamCon Builders!

We believe that every commercial project needs to be value engineered. This means that we work directly with you, the customer, to design and construct the perfect new building or remodel for your circumstance and budget. HamCon Builders has decades of experience designing and building commercial, industrial, retail, mixed-use and multi-family construction projects. We will show you every item in the building, what the costs are, and what alternatives exist. That way, you will end up with your ideal building at the most affordable price.

Our Smart Build Program:

Our belief that you should have a beautiful and efficient building at an affordable price has caused us to develop an innovative program called “Smart Build.” The proprietary Smart Build program was developed to address the customer’s concerns. The program streamlines and simplifies the building process providing one point of contact, value engineering, cost control, and quality control. For more detailed information on our Smart Build program, click the Smart Build tab above.

Sustainable (Green) Building:

HamCon Builders will show you how you can make your commercial building, new or old, into a sustainable (green) building, or as we like to call it, “smart building”. We are experts in LEED for Building Design and Construction (BD&C) with a LEED-Accredited Professional BD&C on staff. Sustainable buildings are more than just energy efficient. They are water efficient, resource efficient, have excellent indoor air quality, and are built to last for generations to come. Schedule your free consultation today!