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The HamCon Builders Experience

We have put together a simple, yet comprehensive process for your new home or remodel.


Step 1: Initial Meeting

Before we start designing and building a home for you, we want to meet with you and get to know you. Each home we design is a reflection of you and your family. This is why we need to get a feel for how you live and what things are important to you. We will discuss your situation (bare property, existing home, financing, budget, etc.) and come up with a set of goals and steps for your project. Then, we will explain how our design and building process works and answer any questions you have for us. There is no cost or obligation for the initial meeting.

Step 2: Getting Started

After the initial meeting we will put the steps we outlined into action. This is the stage where we assist you with things such as property selection, layout, remodel assessment, feasibility assessment, etc. We will also draw the initial floor plans and elevations to get your design started.

Step 3: Design Development

Now we get to the fun part; designing your home! Our design development process is truly enjoyable. We will spend as much time and have as many meetings with you as needed to get your design just perfect. Throughout the design development, we will monitor what changes to the design will do for your budget and make sure we stay within your desired budget. Our construction experience drives our ability to know and relay cost implications of design changes to you. We have a building science expert on staff that reviews plans and makes suggestions to improve efficiency, durability, sustainability, and the healthiness of your home.

Step 4: Finish Selection

Finish selections such as floor covering, cabinets, etc. happen throughout the design and construction process. We have an in-house designer that will work with you from start to finish helping you pick out finishes. She will take you shopping and help you select the things that will make the home uniquely yours.

Step 5: Final Budget Review

This is when we review the final budget for your home. We will detail the cost of everything that goes into building your home and review it with you. Then we will make any last adjustments to the design before we submit for permits and home certification programs (LEED, Earth Advantage, Energy Star, etc.) if desired.

Step 6: Construction

Let’s start building your dream home! Our construction process will keep you informed and involved throughout the build. Most designers and builders require you to select your finishes prior to construction starting. Even though we have filled out finish schedules for you at this point, we want you to see the space before we confirm and order your finishes. This process will keep you from having to imagine the space.

Step 7: Completion

You now have your dream home! We will take you through your completed home and explain everything to you. You will get a HamCon Builders Homeowners Guide that has information about your home and the things in it.