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Family History

hammonds construction family histroy

Hugh Hammonds

1880s: Great, Great Grandfather Noah Britt helped build Catholic Cathedrals throughout the west, specializing in carving, fabricating, and hanging the ornate giant double front doors. During the same period, Great, Great Grandfather Hugh Hammonds was renowned for making fine furniture.

hammonds construction family history

Jeffery Hammonds

1910s: Great Grandfather Jeffrey Hammonds, a Louisiana-born carpenter, worked in the south on many of the great plantation estates that are still standing today. Meanwhile, Great Grandfather Oscar Britt, a journeyman brick mason, was well-known in his day for intricate pattern work.

hammonds constructon family history

Woodrow Pryor Trull

1940s: Grandfather Woodrow Pryor Trull specialized in building for the military, constructing X-15 rocket stands, Radar tracking stations, and rocket silos. His expertise led to friendships with astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buz Aldren. Concurrently, Grandfather Roy Hammonds specialized in the construction of fine estates, also building schools when called upon to do so.

hammonds construction family history

Harold Wayne Hammonds

1960s: Father Harold Wayne Hammonds started off as a cabinetmaker and, upon entering the Navy, worked in Pearl Harbor in that capacity. Eventually he formed his own construction company in Southern California, building and remodeling many luxurious homes, such as the famous Parsons’ estate and the 21,000 square foot Rexall estate (of Rexall Drugs), as well as beautiful estates on Huntington Harbor.

hammonds construction family

Present Day

Today: Almost as extraordinary as the family’s history is the fact that almost every member of David Hammonds’ family is in the construction business, including: Wife Karen, Design Coordinator for HamCon Builders; Son Matt, Project Manager for HamCon Builders; Son-in-Law Steve Kammerzell, Project Manager; Lori Kammerzell Project Coordinator; Grandson, Christian Kammerzell, Project Manager; Cousin Rick Brown, cabinetmaker; Cousin Steve Jacob, architect; Cousin Chris Norris, heating contractor; Cousins Gordon and Gene Beard, carpenters; Great Uncle Ivy Beard and Uncle Roy Trull, furniture-makers; and Uncle Earl Brown, carpenter and millwright.