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The Smart Build Program

the smart build program

The Ultimate Building Experience!

HamCon Builders’ Smart Build Commercial Design/Build program is an innovative commercial building program that gives you the ultimate building experience. From conception to completion, the Smart Build program is designed to simplify and streamline the commercial construction process. Furthermore, cost reduction and design optimization are key components of the Smart Build program.


Here’s how it works!

The Smart Build program is made up of 4 phases for your project. The following is a summary of what we offer in the 4 phases of the program.

Phase 1: Conceptualize/Plan/Finance

We meet on site or in our office and discuss the project goals and aspirations and discuss the feasibility of them. If a site has not been chosen, HamCon Builders will assist the owner with the property location and acquisition process. Discovering financing options and making decisions can be a complicated process that HamCon Builders can help you navigate. Our decades of experience with financing our own projects give us an expertise that is unmatched.

Phase 2: Design/Value Engineer

HamCon Builders will produce drawings with our in-house designer at no additional cost. If architect or engineer drawn plans are desired or required, HamCon Builders will contract with the owner approved engineer or architect. The design phase is one of the key areas of the Smart Build program where HamCon Builders saves the owner a lot of money. The following are a few areas that the Smart Build program offers for no additional cost:

  • Design documents/specifications
  • Value Engineer
    • Using our expertise, we will present options and alternatives on items in the building to either save money, increase efficiency, or increase comfort
  • Efficiency and green certification analysis by a LEED Accredited Professional
    • Energy efficiency
    • Water efficiency
    • Indoor air quality/thermal comfort
    • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification analysis
    • Earth Advantage analysis
    • Tax credit/cash incentive analysis
  • Project budgeting/analysis
  • Architect/Engineer Vetting and Competitive Bidding
  • 7 generations of experience in commercial/industrial design and construction with 30+ years of operation in Oregon and Northern California

These features of the Design portion of the Smart Build program can save you tens of thousands of dollars, depending on project type and size.

Phase 3: Pre-Construction

In this phase, HamCon Builders uses our exclusive Best Price system to finalize the budget. Our Best Price system uses a per item competitive bidding process that allows you to see all of the costs and chose who does what in your project. This system offers the ultimate flexibility to you.

After the final budget is completed, if necessary, HamCon Builders will assist in finalizing and procuring financing for the project.

Phase 4: Construction

The Smart Build construction phase is second to none. You will receive many features that look to continually reduce costs, increase efficiency, maintain quality control, keep you up to date on all of the details, verify commercial green certification points, and produce a building that will make you proud.
With our dedicated supervision and project management team, you will have the confidence that every detail is monitored and optimized. The best part of our Smart Build program is you will receive no unforeseen change orders from HamCon Builders. This provides confidence to you, knowing that your project won’t run over budget.
You will receive the highest quality of construction and attention to detail from HamCon Builders. We have built industrial, commercial, and multi-family buildings throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California for the past 30+ years that are beacons of quality and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our business is from repeat customers. We, at HamCon Builders, look forward to turning you into our next repeat customer!

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An Improved Building System

smart building system