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About HamCon Builders

An Exceedingly Reputable Construction Firm

Throughout the United States, HamCon Builders is often the first choice when a highly reputable construction firm is needed to handle a hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial, or public works construction job. Since 1977, HamCon has successfully completed many projects for County, State, and Federal Government as well as quality industrial and commercial work, including hotels, office buildings, and major commercial renovations. All this is in addition to their highly-regarded custom homes, apartment projects, and subdivisions. From building facilities for the Coast Guard, Veterans Administration, and the Forest Service to constructing bridges, wastewater treatment plants, subdivisions, and apartment complexes, HamCon Builders has done it all. And with each completed job the company’s reputation for quality workmanship, honesty, and extraordinary job management grows.

Highly Experienced

With dozens of employees and highly experienced superintendents, HamCon Builders can handle virtually any construction job. The company owns all of its own equipment and runs its own crews; including rough and finish carpentry crews, a concrete crew, painting crew and masonry crew. In addition, HamCon Builders has its own mill-work shop.

Cutting Edge Technology

Innovative, unique services allow HamCon Builders to provide its customers with practically unheard-of benefits. For instance, with their computer-assisted drafting (“DataCAD”), HamCon literally “walks” clients through their new home or commercial building interactively on computer, allowing customers the rare luxury of fine-tuning the design themselves, while clearly seeing the results of each proposed change. Such cutting-edge technology provides clients with unprecedented opportunities for detailed supervision over the creation of their project, helping ensure that the results will be perfect.

Unprecedented Customer Service

A wide range of “one-stop shopping” services makes the once-grueling task of moving into a new home, with its endless stream of difficult decisions, easier than many would think possible. Virtually all major hurdles-deciding on the design, selecting the interior decorating scheme, and obtaining financing-have been made easier, indeed enjoyable, through HamCon Builders’ unprecedented customer service programs. The objective of HamCon Builders’ approach is always the same: To make sure that their clients are satisfied in every way. From design and construction to decorating, landscaping, and financing, HamCon Builders oversees essentially every service connected to custom creation, from bare ground to “turn-key”. To help with decorating decisions, HamCon Builders provides an on-site interior decorator, at no charge to the client. This special service makes the critical job of integrating design and interior decorating uniquely satisfying and stress-free. A side benefit to such state-of-the-art management is the monetary savings HamCon Builders is able to realize through carefully-researched volume buying. HamCon Builders converts this cost-efficiency into extra custom features for the benefit and satisfaction of HamCon Builders’ valued clients.

The Ability To See Great Potential

Another valued service HamCon Builders has been offering for years is procuring land and ‘seeing a beautiful future’ for the land whether through developing into commercial or residential projects or a combination of both. You will often see David, along with his son Matt, walking over potential property for development. Lakewoods Village, near Lake of the Woods in Klamath County, Oregon, is a perfect example of HamCon Builders’ ability to see great potential in an undeveloped piece of land.

We Believe Sustainable Building Is More Important Than Ever

Additionally, HamCon Builders is a member of the United States Green Building Council and has implemented a HamCon Builders Sustainability initiative, which will divert construction waste from disposal, initiate change in the HamCon Builders headquarters, provide and promote green building practices, turn building locations into highly sustainable areas, and construct high quality projects at affordable prices. HamCon Builders believes in today’s situation, sustainable building is more important than ever. There are several reasons for this: the damaged environment, rising energy costs, and quality of construction which everyone can be confident in passing on to future generations. Additionally, an employee of HamCon Builders is certified as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional. Which makes HamCon Builders one of the few general contractors in Oregon to have a LEED Accredited Professional on staff.